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2020 Results

View our 2020 results at the following link:

The results are in! Congratulations to our winners!!

Overall Male: Les Friesen: 16:21

Overall Female: Jaala Van Dongen: 21:19

Male 18+

1st- Steffan Reimer: 16:29

2nd- Jonas Eastcott: 19:31

3rd- Fraser Isaac: 21:32

Male 17 & under

1st- Colter Reed: 21:42

2nd- Keegan Penner: 21:56

3rd- Chandler Enns: 24:04

Female 18+

1st- Helen Martens: 23:35

2nd- Terri Bergen: 24:35

3rd- Amy Reimer: 25:06

Female 17 & under

1st- Olivia Penner: 21:47

2nd- Kiersten Reimer: 24:33

3rd- Joy Ascough: 27:24

Congratulations!! Send us a message to arrange pickup or drop off of your honey prizes

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